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The Big Shift: Choosing the Right Setup for Your Larger Garage Door

Larger Garage Door

When it comes to home improvements, changing the garage door can make all the difference, especially if you’re going from two normal doors to one bigger door. This change isn’t just about how it looks; it’s also about making things safer and more useful. For people who are thinking about upgrading their garage doors, this blog will go into detail about how hard it is to pick the right setup.

Understanding the Size and Structure

For those planning to replace two smaller doors with one sizable 18′ wide by approximately 8′ 3″ high door, the first thing to consider is the door’s composition. A polyurethane-filled, 2-inch thick door is ideal for insulation and stability, but with such dimensions, the door’s weight becomes a crucial factor in deciding the supporting hardware.

Choosing the Right Track and Operator

Choosing between a 15″ radius track and a smaller radius can have a big effect on how the door works and how much space is needed. A bigger radius track, like the 15″, usually allows for smoother and quieter operation, which is important for doors that are heavier and wider. The problem is that the door is too high and there isn’t enough room in the roof. In a garage with a clear ceiling height of 9′ 6″, a door that is 8′ 3″ high might be hard to fit on a 15″ radius track, but it is possible. Because the radius is bigger, there is more room above, so the door is less likely to hit the ceiling when it is opened.

But this setup needs a small change to make room for the new track, which could mean some building work to make sure it fits perfectly. It is important to talk to a professional who can measure and figure out what you need based on how your garage is built.

Cost Consideration: CHI vs. HAAS Doors

When you make changes to your home, cost is always a big deal. For situations where CHI has a much cheaper price than HAAS, it is important to compare their durability, warranty, and aesthetic value. Both brands have good names, but the details can be different. For example, HAAS doors are known for being stronger and better at insulate, which might make up for the higher price, especially in places where energy economy is very important.


In the end, deciding to change how a garage door is set up means balancing usefulness, looks, and budget. It’s a good idea to get more than one quote and opinion from experts you can trust, and to carefully consider what they say. Remember that making the right investment now can help you avoid a lot of trouble and extra costs later on.

Adding these kinds of improvements to your garage can make your house much more valuable and useful. Every part of the process should be customized to fit your wants and garage’s requirements, from picking the right track radius to the door material and opener type.

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When considering upgrading to a larger garage door, one of the main concerns is choosing the right track and operator to accommodate the increased size and weight. A 15" radius track is recommended for smoother operation, especially for heavy, polyurethane-filled doors. For the door opener, a trolley operator is generally more suitable for larger doors compared to a jackshaft, which, while space-saving, might not handle the door's weight as effectively.

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